Why do I want to spent time and effort to write and maintain this blog?

Well,I came to this world with empty hand and I know someday I’ll be depart with empty hand as well to meet the Almighty GOD, I really thank GOD for let me have this great journey of life, which give me chances to experience and learn many different interesting things which I call all of these is the treasure of life.

And this blog is the treasure box of my life which collected some of my life treasure and I want this treasure box to be my legacy for the person I love and also the person loves me.

Reading and language subject is never in my preferred list before, nevertheless writing is not my strength as well, so you will not see good English write up or maybe even have to guess on what I’m try to tell you. But I’ll do my very best to make sure I can deliver the message as good and complete as possible, so you too can feel, experience and learn from the treasure of my life.

Beside that, I would also hope my treasure box will direct or indirectly inspire you to living a life in experience the Almighty GOD and also living a purpose driven life.