Your professional charges and values.

A designer takes 10 minutes to draw a beautiful picture.

He practices for 3 years to do it. 3 years full of thrown papers, unsaved files and cloggy computers.

A sushi chef takes 1 minute to make a tasteful piece of sushi.

He takes 10 years to learn the craft of sushi making, starting from rice washing. 10 years of bruises, cuts, and shouts from his master.

A writer takes 10 minutes to write a short article. The article goes on to win an award.

Everyone thinks it was by chance. But they didn’t see the thrown paper. They didn’t see the burns of frustrations. They didn’t see his soul breaking down before it was mended whole again.

People assume that service providers are only “worth” a certain price, because at first sight, it looks easy to do.

But just like riding a bicycle for the first time, they fail when they try to do it themselves.

Dont ever let anyone determine your price, be it your customer, or your market,

Because only YOU know what you had to go through to get the skills you have today.

Only you know what you are worth.

Charge your services according to not experience, but your story.

Because only you know the true COST of your skills.

Crafted by John Chen