人生旅途中的每一个体验和发现,都是值得收藏和分享的宝藏. / Every discovery and experience in life journey are the treasure of life, and it is worth to keep and share.


November 2017


Ten percent luck,
twenty percent skill
Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
Five percent pleasure,
fifty percent pain

And a hundred percent reason to remember the name


Hey, guess what? I got married two weeks ago. And like most people, I asked some of the older and wiser folks around me for a couple quick words of relationship advice from their own marriages to make sure my wife and I didn’t shit the (same) bed. I think most newlyweds do this — ask for relationship advice, I mean, not shit the same bed part — especially after a few cocktails from the open bar they just paid way too much money for.

But, of course, not being satisfied with just a few wise words, I had to take it a step further. Continue reading “1,500 PEOPLE GIVE ALL THE RELATIONSHIP ADVICE YOU’LL EVER NEED”

Simon Sinek: How to write the perfect want ad

Writing the perfect want ad has a structure and  it follows The Golden Circle.  Why – How – What.

First I asked rhetorical questions trying to connect my Why with the Why of those reading the ad.  My Why is to inspire people to do the things that inspire them so that, together, we can change the world. Anyone who doesn’t want to change the world and who doesn’t believe in the power of inspiration won’t like working for me.  The title of my ad alone will appeal to those who do. Continue reading “Simon Sinek: How to write the perfect want ad”

Simon Sinek: How to Build a Company That People Want to Work For

Part 2


Just because someone fail to see your value, does not mean you lack of value.

Treasure collected from: Podcast – EO Fire 1861: The Power of Authentic Leadership

Remark: Subject to you know what is your value.

Put God First – Denzel Washington

Fathers on Fatherhood

The Canvas of my life – Jason Momoa | Aquaman | Justice League

Write it to others heart

Write what matters in your heart to others, you never know whether you have the chance again. – – – 

Treasure collected from: Spotify Community

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