Recently quite a few of the people around me which I know are facing life threatening sickness challenge, and because of my profession I get to know a little bit more on the cost and the up coming plans for what to do next.

I’m so glad that my knowledge will able to brighten up their mind a little bit, which I wish I could brighten up wider and further for them, but on the other hand it once again remind me how our life is so vulnerable not matter who we are, which also turn my mind grey due to the sadness.

2017 05 21 Corn Straw

In the same time my parents mini corn field has turn yellowish and it doesn’t looks good for me, so i went to told my parents about it. My mom said “Oh it’s OK, that’s because we have harvested the corn, and corns are single harvest crops. So when the straw has already fulfill it purpose , the straw will start dying right after it has fulling it purpose (produce the corn).

The explanation for the yellowish corn straw from my mom clear up the grey of my mind, and remind me this wisdom

We have been given this life for a purpose, we have to discover it and fulfill it, that is the best way to be truly live this life time and left with no regret.

I have witness a lot’s of people willing to pay what ever the price just to survive, but it is rare to see someone who survive for the reason of fulfilling their purpose.

What is your purpose of life? To survive or to thrive ?

2017 05 21 Corn Straw 02