20161201 LLL Flower

An amazing story share by my colleague which she learn and discover a life lesson trough her handicraft moment.
Every month our team gave each teammate an working day afternoon for meditation or learning new things (doesn’t have to work related) , then share with the fellow teammate at the next morning gathering for what have your learn that afternoon.
The last 3 to 4 months my team has been go trough a super packed text book reading season for our professional qualification exam, so she decided to have her meditation and learning moment trough handicraft, something which she like a lot but due to busy work life, she has set it aside for quite sometime.

She bought a pack of handicraft pack and start enjoy her handicraft moment … hardworking is one of her character, therefore most of the time she will choose to complete the challenging task first. After a short study on the process, she decided to start with the pot which will need to stitch two piece of brown fabric together, she took the string provided in the pack and use the wire (which is the stem for the flower) to guide string trough the tiny holes of the brown fabric, it sound easy but it require a lot of patient and focus to complete the task.

Although it she spend a lot of time and hard work to complete the pot, but she still enjoy every moment, because that is what she love to do. After the pot has been completed, she unpack the material for the flowers and begin the put them together one by one, suddenly one of the item in the pack make her laugh out loud on the spot.

It’s a plastic needle which is provided for the stitching of the pot, she look at the needle and the pot, at that magical moment, she learn that many time in our life, we struggle, we feel the work is too hard or too tough, maybe is because we didn’t spend sometime to look for a tools to complete the task. Work hard and also work smart.
She decide to gave the team the masterpiece handicraft art work together with the amazing story which has lighten up the entire team. Every time when we look at the flower … it remind us

“Are we using the right tool for the work ?”

Another great take away life lesson for me while I listen to her sharing … Don’t complain for not having the right tool, right time, right people … be creative and use what ever resource you have right now and start doing it. Remember, she complete the tough task even without the best tool, for that I salute her spirit of determination in get things done. Hurrah !