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What I’ve learn.

  • Work-life balance isn’t static. It’s actively flexing between the key areas of your life.
  • Balance is something very different from that. I think that if you’re in balance, you’re getting an appropriate level of rest, but it’s not the same as rest.
  • Balance is intentional. In other words, like so much of life, it’s a caused thing. It’s not just going to show up on your doorstep and say, “Here I am! I’m balance! Everything is cool!” You have to cause it, and I think that begins with your intention to create something different. It really is achievable, but it begins with a plan. I think it begins with clarity around what that will look like for you in this season of life.
  • It may not be today. It may not be this week. It may not be this year. But to come up
    with an exit strategy so you can have a life… Designing your life the way you want is always a possibility, and I just accept that as a fundamental premise. Unless you’re a slave or somebody has a gun to your head, you have options. The question is, “Do you have the will?”
  • What would have to be true in your practice, your business, or your job in order for that to happen?