1. Enormous Peer Pressure Exists On College Campuses.  As mentioned earlier, we must equip our young people to stand firm in their faith and even defend it regardless of the cost.
  2. “We’ve been married 20 years.  I don’t go with everything he (Willie) says but on major things I go along with everything he says.”  Making a cameo appearance, Korie Robertson reminds us of the trust which builds over two decades of shared experiences in a healthy marriage.
  3. “My life and my whole eternity belongs to God.  All this stuff is temporary.  Money, fame, success…temporary.  Even life is temporary.  Jesus…that’s eternal.” Responding to Amy’s ambush interview, Willie Robertson reminds her fame and fortune is not what is most important in this life.  Jesus is.
  4. “It’s not easy.  But it’s simple.” Earlier this week someone admitted to my wife how much they were struggling with the Christian life.  Reverend Dave, a pastor of a local church in the movie, puts the Christian life in perspective for Josh.
  5. “Don’t be clever.  Be content to tell the truth.” Furthermore, Dave goes on to add how Josh should defend his faith.  We often make telling the story of Jesus and what He did in our life far too complex.  We should be content to simply tell the truth.
  6. “I don’t have time for cancer.  I’m too busy.” – This was Amy’s response upon receiving a diagnosis she had cancer.  Our health always has the ability to always slow us down.  We must take care of it.
  7. “I know the world can’t get along without you but it’s preparing to do just that.” – Wheaton’s cell phone was continually going off as the doctor was discussing the extent of her cancer.  The words above were his response.  As important as any of us may think we are, the world will continue on without us.  It is only through Jesus that our life has true meaning.
  8. “Some of the most important work we do seems meaningless.” – Rev. Dave played a small church pastor.  These words spoken by a visiting missionary played by Benjamin Onyango should be a source of encouragement for all pastors operating in a small-church environment.
  9. True Friends Always Point You To Jesus – Josh lost a significant relationship in his life because of his stance on Christianity.  When selecting friends, please know true friends always point you to Jesus.
  10. “I think of Jesus as my friend…I don’t want to disappoint Him.” Do you?
  11. “Nonsense is nonsense even when spoken by when said by world-famous scientists.” – John Lennox
  12. “Using romance to uphold one’s self-image is bad planning.”  For teens and single adults, finding your self-worth in a romantic relationship is an unsustainable model.  You must find your self-image in Jesus.
  13. “To the wrong person you will never have any worth.  To the right person you will mean everything.” – Ladies, wait for a Christian man who will treat you like fine china and cherish you.
  14. People From Other Cultures Pay A Far Bigger Price To Follow Christ Than Americans – The movie does an incredible job telling the story of both a Muslim and Chinese student who elected to follow Christ and the incredible price they paid to do so.
  15. “You’re not alone.  You’re going to be O.K.” – No matter what circumstances you may face in life, no matter how alone you feel, with Jesus everything will turn out to your benefit.
  16. “How can you hate someone (God) who is dead?” – Josh ultimately wins the debate by forcing Professor Radisson to acknowledge, he actually hated God rather than not believe in Him.  Most people who reject God have a deep wound they blame Him for.  Always deal with the right issue.
  17. “Sometimes the devil allows people to live free of trouble so they don’t need God.” – The Apostle Paul wrote to the church in Rome, “God’s kindness is meant to lead you to repentance.”
  18. Make A Decision To Follow Jesus Christ Today – If you are reading this post and do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the movie reminds us we are not guaranteed tomorrow.  Make the decision today to put your trust in Him.


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