​Chinese President Xi Jinping’s speech in Macau, quoted a very classic saying: ” Relationship based on gold will be forgotten once gold is spent.

Relationship based on benefits (interest, advantage) will soon break away once there’s no more benefits to derive.

Relationship based on position (influence) will sway once position has fallen.

Relationship based on authority (power) will get abandoned once authority is lost.

Relationship based on feelings (favour, emotions, sentiments) will result in hurt once emotional ties are broken.

Only relationship coming from the heart can withstand the test of time. ”

No matter what kind of relationship you’re in, whether it is working in partnership or interpersonal relationship, we should cherish the karma that brought us together and the time we share. Keep good (kind) thoughts in mind, learn to be grateful, be sincere to others and build a relationship from your heart!

Associate with the wise and virtuous, you’ll reap good results.

Realisation : Keep good thoughts with a kind heart, you’re sure to have a cloud with silver lining in your life!

—— Xi Jinping