Venue: Viva City Kuching – Level 3

20160423 Seoul Garden Hot Pot 001

After watching the latest super popular Korean movie drama series [Descendants of the Sun] she is craving for Korean food, beside that it has been quite some time I didn’t get to have some Korean cuisine, furthermore, she always told me how much she like like the food they serve after her last visit. So when she suggested this restaurant while we decide where to go for dinner, I just say “Oh yeah ~ ”

20160423 Seoul Garden Hot Pot 002

Hei ~ pretty lady ~

20160423 Seoul Garden Hot Pot 003

Side dish: The Korean Fried Chicken

I think you might having this faceimage255and and why get fried chicken from Korean Restaurant ?

Let me tell you, first, Emily love it and it is on her must order list. Second, this fried chicken do really taste super good ~image336 Crispy at the outside, and not oily; juicy and tender at the inside. Woooo ~ Yummy!

20160423 Seoul Garden Hot Pot 004

For the drinks, we get a ice cinnamon tea, it taste a little bit special, for me it’s OK to drink, but it will not be in my order list for the next visit.

The seaweed pearl rice (I forget the actual name), oh ~ this is the most value for money dish, it is so tasty that I can have it at it own, and the restaurant serve in very generous portion. But for my next visit, I do hope it can be serve in hot or as least warm…

20160423 Seoul Garden Hot Pot 005

Main Dish: Korean Mushroom KimChi hotpot

If you can take average level of hot and spicy food in Kuching, you better not miss out this fully loaded mushroom KimChi hotpot soup together with the seaweed rice, for me they are perfect match, I’ve finish two bowl of seaweed rice and finish the soup till it has left not a single drop in the pot.

Another thing that I like about this restaurant will be although it is full house while we are there, but they still manage to serve the food super fast that make me wonder, is the cook is the “Flash” ?

We have paid about RM45.00 for the bill. Yup, it’s definitely not a place for my everyday meal, but it will be in my list while I like to have some excitement for my taste bud.