For my today mini getaway plan from the afternoon heat, I decided to go to the Reservoir Park, find two nice tree to hang my hammock, have a nice nap and read my book. So, are you running out of idea for a mini getaway… Why not try to bring your hammock or tent or just a ground sheet and a book to the nearest park. Give your mind and body a good recharge…

20160410 Reservoir Park 011 20160410 Reservoir Park 012

20160410 Reservoir Park 013 After I have try out, my comment will be – I’ll definitely get to do this more often in the future, because it is truly so refreshing for my body and mind. But the only reminder is, do have to bring mosquito repellent with you because the mosquito right at this place were like have been starve for ages, they attack me like crazy at some spot. I’m so blessed that I get a chance to think about bring one mosquito repellent before I go. Before I found the nice spot to hang my hammock, I’m having a great time to walk around in the park and shot some photos. 20160410 Reservoir Park 001
The photo of the day … Wooo Love it.

20160410 Reservoir Park 002
Angkor wat of Kuching ? Some old building structure that has been girth by the root of tree.

20160410 Reservoir Park 006 More interesting view of the building structure has been girth by the tree and roots. 20160410 Reservoir Park 004

20160410 Reservoir Park 005 Lovely couple 20160410 Reservoir Park 008
My friend – BIG MAN and his wife are having a romantic after lunch walk.

20160410 Reservoir Park 007 Reflection 20160410 Reservoir Park 009
Do Re Mi Fa So … …

20160410 Reservoir Park 010 The signature of the park

After the awesome 2 hours of nap and reading, I decide to have a walk to look for my late lunch and continue to capture some interesting view from the walk. 20160410 Reservoir Park 014

20160410 Reservoir Park 015 This is one of the local cinema, which once it is the shiniest cinema company, but the management decided to close it after been trough many dark and tough business years and yet to see any light. I saw a bird soar in the sky, so I do my best to catch the moment for this photo. Which deliver my message of hope for this local cinema company will come back and soar high again in the near future. 20160410 Reservoir Park 016
Whoofff Whofff

20160410 Reservoir Park 017
Meaow Meaow

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