人生旅途中的每一个体验和发现,都是值得收藏和分享的宝藏. / Every discovery and experience in life journey are the treasure of life, and it is worth to keep and share.


April 2016

Dominic Birthday

20160426 Dominic Birthday  001 Continue reading “Dominic Birthday”

Seoul Garden Hotpot

Venue: Viva City Kuching – Level 3

20160423 Seoul Garden Hot Pot 001

After watching the latest super popular Korean movie drama series [Descendants of the Sun] she is craving for Korean food, beside that it has been quite some time I didn’t get to have some Korean cuisine, furthermore, she always told me how much she like like the food they serve after her last visit. So when she suggested this restaurant while we decide where to go for dinner, I just say “Oh yeah ~ ”

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2016 04 21 Continue reading “爱美丽鱼带回来的日本货”



在神的恩典下,有時也有憂愁臨到,作我們生命上的益處。憂愁不是掛慮, Continue reading “憂愁”


Twilight of Kuching

20160417 KCH Street 006

Today I’m so blessed to have a chance to ride my bike and get to capture some photos of my beautiful home town, the cat city – Kuching. Meow ~ Continue reading “Twilight of Kuching”


2016 04 15 Life Cafe

我需要有祢在我生命中 – 2016CKMCYF喜乐小组cover

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