“Obby” mean dog for Foochow (one of the Chinese clan)

It has been raining cats and dogs in the afternoon, I’m on my way to meet an insurance claim adjuster for my client insurance claim case. I believe due to the heavy rain there are a lot of “obby” stay at the five foot way rather than hang around outside, although the rain has already turn small, and suddenly I meet this two super adorable “Obby”, that makes me wanna take my camera and take some photo of them, especially with the nice natural wooden floor as the background.

20160307 Obby 001

They have just wake up from their afternoon nap and they look at very curious for my arrival, especially when I’m kneel down a little bit for better angle.

20160307 Obby 002

But very soon the white one seems doesn’t care much after I’ve not moving forward, but the yellow one is walking towards me in a fast pace, which for me it looks more like hopping towards me more than walking. They are very friendly and also doesn’t looks worried for my arrival.

When the yellow one, comes near me, it keep waving the tail and looks like expecting me to feed it some food, but I got nothing with me, so I keep telling them “Sorry … Sorry … no food … no food”. Then continue to walk to the adjuster office on the second floor, and really hope there is bakery near by which I can buy some thing for them.

20160307 Obby 003

About 15min later I’m coming back down from the adjuster office, they are still there, and their cuteness has make me to decide to get my camera and take a few more photos of them. And then I realize there is a shop (the one which have their shutter door half open at the first picture) looks like running some cookies and biscuits distribution business, so I believe they (the two “Obby”) must be able to get a chance to have one or two cookies and biscuits very frequently, which also makes them have the habits of expecting to have some thing to eat from the people pass by.

20160307 Obby 004

But they also get very smart and seems to understand what I told them earlier as they didn’t walking nor hopping towards me when I kneel down again to take their photos. Smart Obby *smile*