Mile stone for my Financial planning career.

This is a milestone for my financial planning career, therefore I would really like to thank the Almighty GOD blessing me to have the sufficient resources and a lot of angels, especially

  • my lovely wife Emily, who always be my side and encourage me to pursuit for what I dream for even though most of the time she find it is very challenging to technically  understand what is this;
  • my parent that will do what ever they could to support in both financially and emotionally even though they also not quite sure what is this about;
  • my British godparent (Aidan and Lesly), who has point this direction (Licensed Financial Planning Adviser) to me, right at the very first time I told them that I decide to start try and work in financial industry (Life Insurance), beside that they also gave me a lot of support in many different form and way;
  • all my family member, that gave me a lot of support;
  • my leading star Mr Simon Chin, who believe me even when I’m so young and gave me the chance to step into the financial industry (Life Insurance)
  • my mentor Mr Lee Khee Chuan, who has never been stingy in giving me all the precious technical know how on financial planning and estate planning which previously he has been spending thousand of midnight oil hours to study and did the research;
  • my brothers and sister from Ching Kwong Methodist Church youth fellowship that help me to pray a lot in this journey, even though most of they also didn’t understand what I’m talking about;
  •  my BNI fellow partners, that gave me tons and tons of support even though I’m just a young man with no big title and recognition in this industry.
  • and many more that I didn’t mention.

I would like to thank all of my angels for your support and care, especially some of you also willing to become my mirror not by just let me know what I have done right and good but also my weakness and mistake. Once again I would like to thank you all.

I’ll continue to work hard and become the right utensils for GOD in the financial industry to lead and inspire others to manage wealth and not to be manage by wealth.

So happy because I've successfully apply my Financial Planning Adviser license at StandardFA and my wife bought me a Magnum ice cream for the celebration.

And this evening after knowing my achievement, my lovely wife hold my hand and proudly walk with me to the Shell patrol station that beside my house and bought me this Magnum ice cream as the encouragement award for me. Actually she want to buy me a luxury dinner for celebration, but I told her that this is what I really wish for and it does really makes me the happiest boy in the town.

When you know what you really want, you will found that the joy and happiness doesn’t really need to come from luxury.