17&18 Gunung Gading Bicycle Touring Trip

大約是一年前,當我接觸到長途鐵馬旅行後就開始慢慢的對這種的旅行方式產生非常大的興趣,特別是在跟隨一位非常著名的鐵馬旅行發燒友Darren Alff的部落格面子書後更是下定決心要實現這樣的旅行夢。

It’s about year ago, I was totally amaze with traveling by using bicycle when I first get to know it, especially after I’ve follow a famous the Bicycle Touring Pro blog and Facebook Page owner Darren Alff, beside than being amaze, I’ve decided to experience it.

取自/photo from: http://bicycletouringpro.com/blog/


Right after that, I’ve start to do more research and learn more about the tips and knowledge about bicycle touring, which also start to use my mountain bike for some test ride. Just to make sure myself really like to experience this and not just like to sit behind my computer screen and feeling good in watching others adventures stories.

Gaint Reign 2

這就是我當時使用的越野單車 / This the mountain bike which I used for the test ride before I get my dream touring bicycle


After some test ride, the test result is – I’m totally fall in love with this way to travel for explore the world, it is because cycling gave me the just the right speed to discover and explore, furthermore it also provide the challenge that feed my “adventure hunger”. So I’ve also start to pray to GOD for a suitable bicycle, but unfortunately I’m have to pay more to get it just because of I’m really week in faith with GOD. I’ll share what I’ve learn from this life lesson next time in my personal dairy (Eno Treasure Box)

KONA Sutra

夢想鐵馬 / My dream touring bicycle – KONA Sutra


Camping is also an interesting activity which we can add on for bicycle touring trip, and the best part of it is we have more room to manage on the speed we want to travel for the day, because we didn’t have to rush to the next place just for accommodation.

17&18 Gunung Gading Bicycle Touring Trip

上圖:小弟生平第一次的露營 / (Above) This is my very first camping experience in my life time.

所以小弟便也開始探索和學習露營的常識和須知,並且更是開始計劃自己的長途單車旅行。那,大計劃就是東馬之旅(大約25天++),中計劃是一個星期的從家出發後返回的計劃,小計劃會是兩天一夜的本地旅行。非常非常感恩,就在今年(2015)七月17和18日,我能夠帶著家人和內人滿滿的祝福實現了小計劃 – Gunung Gading 之旅。


So in the same time I’m also start to research and study on the tips and know how of camping, and I’ve decided to add in this super interesting activity on my bicycle touring trips, beside that I’m also working on the plan for my bicycle touring trips (Yeah ~ I’m super excited about it). Basically I’ve three plan for this moment, which is the the BIG plan – East Malaysia Bicycle Touring Trip (Estimate 25 days ++) ; Small plan will be to start from my home and coming back within a week time; then the mini plan will be a 2 day 1 night plan. I feel super blessed, because I have archive the mini plan (Gunung Gading Trip) on July (17&18) this year (2015). And I’m really looking forward to have more tour cycling trip