人生旅途中的每一个体验和发现,都是值得收藏和分享的宝藏. / Every discovery and experience in life journey are the treasure of life, and it is worth to keep and share.

Great Reminder for life: Protect your Highlights

Protect your Highlights: A lesson for Light and Life


The most important decision today

Making sure we still own the right to make our own decision for tomorrow and the future, is the most important decision we have to make today. Because freewill is the greatest gift from our Almighty GOD.

Predictor of future

The greatest predictor of your future are your daily actions.

Treasure collected from podcast: EO Fire 1938: The More You Do The Less You Lead with Kathy Knowles

Elephant café



Find Your Purpose in Life

2018 01 22&23 Santubong

The fruit

Inspiring food for though from today pastor message.


The fruits of the apple tree is apple trees

My wish

After watching this video, I do wish that someday in the future, I can be the person which bring in the culture of purpose driven life financial planning.

Charges and values

Your professional charges and values.

A designer takes 10 minutes to draw a beautiful picture.

He practices for 3 years to do it. 3 years full of thrown papers, unsaved files and cloggy computers.

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